No More Excuses! Search & Interview For Your Dream Job in 2023

Posted: March 15, 2023

Serious question – How do you transition to a job that makes you happy?

Most people start with Google – or a close friend – or hey, even their Starbucks barista!

Now don’t get me wrong…You may get loads of information from these sources, yet it may not be what you REALLY need. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can you expect to find it?

Search for a Job – The Right Way!

Online search platforms, friends, and family have no way of knowing the full scope of YOUR unique skills, strengths, passions, and future goals.

It can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and mega confusing to know what you want and how to find it.

Great news…

I can give you a tailor-made way of finding the job of your DREAMS. These are battle-proven strategies that other seasoned coaches may NOT be able to share with you!

You’ll finally be able to carve out the YOU-shaped spot in the market and find MASSIVE inspiration in what’s possible and probable for YOU.

Interview Like a Pro

One of the biggest obstacles to finding a job in your new field is getting interviews. The second biggest obstacle is convincing the hiring manager to HIRE YOU.

So how do you do it?

Get ready for your interviews by applying the 3 Ps:

Prepare- Learn everything you can about THEM
Position – Present yourself in the most positive, affirming, ‘you-got-this’ kind of way!
Predict – Be ready for the questions they’ll ask you and be armed with great answers

I really want to stress the importance of Tip #2: Positioning!

You may have heard of ‘Imposter Syndrome’. This is a very real phenomenon that could bite you in the a** if you fail to pre-empt it!

Imposter Syndrome can make or break landing your dream job. When it comes to job interviews specifically, it can really mess with your head.

So yes, BEFORE you ever enter an interview, make sure you position yourself in the most positive, affirming, you-got-this kind of way!

Skipping this step is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make when it comes to nailing the interview.

My #1 strategy?

Try to bullet-proof yourself against your inner saboteurs. So if your inner saboteur says, “Nobody’s going to hire me.” Deactivate that with an empowered thought like, “This company would be LUCKY to have me!”

Would you like expert guidance in finding your dream job in 2023?

I’m here for you. Get in touch!

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