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If you’re feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed about your next big career move, let’s get to work!

For the last 35 years I have helped professionals figure out how to trade a job that drains them for a career they cannot wait to get up in the morning for, and that pays the money they deserve.

I help my clients get clear on exactly what they want in a career, and map out a plan to get there. We move past the negative thinking, self-sabotage and fear that keeps you stuck punching in to a dead end job.

Patrice helped me clarify my values. She helped me celebrate my individuality and strengths. She completely changed my perspective on jobs to pursue and to be at peace with wanting a different career style than others.Patrice will take you on a journey.

Patrice’s expertise in coaching made her a fantastic asset in my job search! Using assessment tools, she took the time to understand my goals and helped keep me on track through the ups and downs. Her flexibility and commitment to my needs were unwavering. Wow! What a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.

ELLEN SPRINGER, Senior Marketer

“I was struggling with making the right job decision and felt stuck with a seemingly unsolvable, nagging dilemma.

Using the tools Patrice taught me, I got absolute clarity about what I wanted to do and was able to make a monumental, life-changing decision.

The freedom it brought was great and the course it directed me on is one I am savoring to this day, and one that I will NEVER, ever regret.”

KRISTEN HANKE, IT Asset Management Specialist

“Patrice is a gifted career coach who gets to the heart of the matter quickly and provides expert guidance to those who want to make a career change or return to the workforce after pausing their career. I highly recommend Patrice if you want to determine where
you’re going next and how to get there.”

JOHANNA WISE, Business Owner/International Career Transformer

“Patrice’s wealth of experience and training put her in the position to ask just the right question and provide just the right suggestion time after time. Never afraid to speak the truth, Patrice helped me negotiate personal issues that were holding me back from achieving personal goals, and in resolving internal conflicts helped me to move forward to the best business years ever and to a transition in my career that has me feeling like an astronaut launching into orbit”


“I have been wanting to make a change in my career for many years. After several years of trying with little success, I was feeling frustrated, stuck and had exhausted all my resources. In the relatively short time, I have been empowered to have a purposeful, happy life. I have learned techniques to leverage my strengths in new ways.”

GEORGINA BACA, Materials Science Engineer

“During my sessions with Patrice, we worked together on narrowing my focus. Working with Patrice gave me the confidence to actually create my own title–Medical Empathy Specialist.”


“The Top 3 most important things I got from working with Patrice are:

1) I found a career that sparks me

2) I learned to tune in and listen to my intuition

3) I learned tools to use when doubt arises.”

JASMINE M., Dentist

“The results I got from working with Patrice are that I feel much more confident and she helped give me some gusto in my business and helped me have more know-how. I also learned not to give away my work and to feel stronger about how to charge people. I learned that your thought process is a big part of how things transpire.”

KIM PIECHOWSKI, Reiki Practioner & Coach

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