Does Your Job Feel More Like a Life Sentence?
Does Your Job Feel More Like a Life Sentence?

Passion Purpose Paycheck
Action Plan

A great place to start! A complete review of your career and job history along with an in-depth look at your specific needs and future goals for career and life satisfaction. I’ll uncover the hidden blocks and obstacles and identify the solutions that will put you on the right career path. You’ll walk away with a personalized map that leads to career satisfaction.

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Passion, Purpose, Paycheck:

How to Find a Career that Makes You Happy,

Fits Your Life and Gets You Paid!

Digital On-line Course + VIP Coaching Session complete with videos, recordings, downloadable pdfs and worksheets to help you get crystal clear about your ideal career. Includes bonus mini courses on Transitional Resumes, LinkedIn, Working with Recruiters, Effective Salary Negotiations, Improve Your Relationship with Money, How to Create a Life Purpose Statement and more. The VIP coaching session is LIVE over Zoom.

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Career Jumpstart Program

VIP all the way! Private one-to-one, results-oriented coaching sessions to get you clear and confident about your career direction. Also includes everything that comes with the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck digital course plus unlimited email support between sessions to help you stay motivated and on track to your goals!


Ultimate Career Transition Partnership Program

The ultimate soup to nuts program! You get everything you need to land your dream job! Includes the digital course with all the bonuses and the Career Jumpstart Program private one-to-one sessions plus all the assets you need including your transitional resume, LinkedIn profile, job search strategies, working with recruiters, interview prep and salary negotiation. This one takes you to the finish line – your Dream Job!

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Patrice helped me clarify my values. She helped me celebrate my individuality and strengths.

She completely changed my perspective on jobs to pursue and to be at peace with wanting a different career style than others.Patrice will take you on a journey.


Patrice’s expertise in coaching made her a fantastic asset in my job search!

Using assessment tools, she took the time to understand my goals and helped keep me on track through the ups and downs. Her flexibility and commitment to my needs were unwavering. Wow! What a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.


I was struggling with making the right job decision and felt stuck with a seemingly unsolvable, nagging dilemma.

Using the tools Patrice taught me, I got absolute clarity about what I wanted to do and was able to make a monumental, life-changing decision.

The freedom it brought was great and the course it directed me on is one I am savoring to this day, and one that I will NEVER, ever regret.”


Patrice is a gifted career coach who gets to the heart of the matter quickly and provides expert guidance to those who want to make a career change or return to the workforce after pausing their career.

I highly recommend Patrice if you want to determine where
you’re going next and how to get there.”


Patrice’s wealth of experience and training put her in the position to ask just the right question and provide just the right suggestion time after time.

Never afraid to speak the truth, Patrice helped me negotiate personal issues that were holding me back from achieving personal goals, and in resolving internal conflicts helped me to move forward to the best business years ever and to a transition in my career that has me feeling like an astronaut launching into orbit”


I have been wanting to make a change in my career for many years. After several years of trying with little success, I was feeling frustrated, stuck and had exhausted all my resources.

In the relatively short time, I have been empowered to have a purposeful, happy life. I have learned techniques to leverage my strengths in new ways.”


During my sessions with Patrice, we worked together on narrowing my focus and finding my unique Zone of Genius.

I sought Patrice’s help to turn my passion into a business where I’d get paid for doing what I love. Working with Patrice gave me the confidence to actually create a unique niche as a Medical Empathy Specialist. Thanks to Patrice, I now have a viable business as a speaker and trainer speacializing in teaching healthcare professionals how to use empathy to create better patient outcomes.”

SHARI BOOKSTAFF, M.A., Medical Empathy Specialist

The Top 3 most important things I got from working with Patrice are:

I found a career that sparks me! And I learned to tune in and listen to my intuition and got tools to use when doubt arises.”

JASMINE M., DDS, Mindset Shift Coach, Speaker

The results I got from working with Patrice are that I feel much more confident and she helped give me some gusto in my business and helped me have more know-how.

I also learned not to give away my work and to feel stronger about how to charge people. I learned that your thought process is a big part of how things transpire.”


Patrice helped me conquer my fears and focus on moving toward something that gets me excited and makes me feel alive.

When I lost my job in 2020, I started to reassess my career. I had always wanted to start my own thing but had too many ideas around too many different topics. A part of me was also afraid, as I did not want to do it on my own, I felt I needed a “partner-in-crime” to succeed.

That’s why I decided to hire Patrice as my career coach.

Patrice has a clear methodology walking us through how to manage our fears, how to think through our passions, skills, and strengths and identify our zone of genius. She provided the structure I needed with her valuable “homework” templates, group sessions and individual one-on-ones. All these components helped to tease out what was most important and what I should focus on from all the thoughts that were running around in my head.

AFTER working with Patrice the results were that I launched my own company in May 2021. She helped me conquer my saboteur, focus on “moving towards something that gets me excited and makes me feel alive,” and when things get tough I’ve learned to think of positive A-ha moments so I can push through to the finish line.

TANIA SAHAI, The Silver Palette - I get founders funded fast!