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Posted: January 4, 2023

Over the last few days, I’ve been trying to work out some tech issues that are in the way of rolling out something special that I think is gonna help a lot of people.

Stick with me…This will connect back to your Career Search in a sec!

The tech issues have cost me oodles of time, frustration, and shoulder and back pain – and I think even the cat is steering clear of me due to my grouchy mood ????

In order to put a stop to this pity party, here’s a decision I’ve made.

  • No more trying to figure it out on my own.
  • No more googling for the answer.
  • No more watching YouTube videos to solve the problem.
  • No more reading the “help” articles.

Nope. NO MORE!

I am committed to getting expert help so I can get back to what I do best, and what I love to do!

So let’s get to the question I’ve been getting at all along…

Is DIY Career Searching a Good Idea?

I’ve been wondering what kind of problems you’ve been trying to DIY.

And I’ve been wondering how your shoulders and back feel if you’ve been hunched over your computer trying to Google or YouTube your way out of a problem.

May I make a suggestion?

Stop it! I’m going to encourage you to do something radical.

Ask for help…from a human! If you’ve been thinking of changing careers and getting a better job, I know it’s tempting to try to Google and YouTube your way to the answers.

I’m that human you can ask.

This human can save you tons of time, energy, pain, and sleepless nights.

Because this is my area of expertise and I can help you cut out all that back and shoulder pain, and all those 2 AM worries about what career path is really the right one for you.

If you are not happy doing what you’re doing,

I want to hear from you.

I’ve got something for you that’s going to make a BIG difference in your life.

Message Me or schedule a clarity call and I’ll show you how to find a career that was MADE FOR YOU! A career that brings you immense JOY and fulfillment over the long term.

Stop Googling and let’s get it right!

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