Does Your Job Feel More Like a Life Sentence?
Does Your Job Feel More Like a Life Sentence?

Hi, I’m Patrice!

I’m passionate about helping you get out of a career that’s sapping the life out of you and into something you can’t wait to get up in the morning for!

Years ago, I dreaded the thought of going to my job every day. It was prestigious, had a decent salary and looked great from the outside, but it left me feeling empty and unfulfilled on the inside.

All I could think about, even on weekends, was how I could find an escape route from the drudgery of my job.

I found myself feeling depressed and I waited way too long before I decided to get professional help. When I finally did reach out, things started to turn around. I started to discover more about who I was and what I really wanted in life.

When I found the career that was right for me, my entire life changed. My energy and joy returned. I felt like I’d come back from the dead! Now I had a strong sense of purpose and meaning. I felt truly happy for the first time in years.

Finding the right career had such a profound effect on my own life, it led me to want to help others find work they truly love.

I’m a psychotherapist turned career transition specialist and I use my knowledge of the human mind to help you zero in on what sparks your energy and your aliveness.

I’ve created a process, based on my experience working with 1000+ clients, that shows you how to uncover your unrecognized strengths, gifts and passions that are hidden from everyday awareness and how to plug those in to the world of work.

My 5 step process, the Career Clarity Formula shows you exactly how to get the right answer to that big question you’re asking.

There’s no guess-work with my system and it’s guaranteed to show you what career you’re really cut out for, the one that’s going to make you happy.

  • It all starts with you deciding to say YES to yourself.
  • It starts with you having the courage to admit it’s time to get expert help.
  • It starts with you taking a chance on behalf of your future self.

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In this free, no-obligation call we’ll look at where you are now and where you want to be in your future and figure out next steps.

With over three decades of experience and applied research with real people, Patrice is the go-to-expert when it comes to finding a career that makes you happy, fits your life and gets you paid.

As a licensed psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in clinical social work and social research, Patrice combines her knowledge and experience in the fields of behavioral science, neuro-science, peak performance and the psychology of change to help people create more meaning and fulfillment in their lives.


  • LCSW – Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis
  • Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology
  • Accelerated Learning Practitioner
  • Myers Briggs Practitioner & Trainer
  • Advanced studies in sports psychology, brief solution-focused therapy, Jungian psychology, strategic/systemic therapy, mindfulness meditation, emotional intelligence, dreamwork and energy psychology
  • Reiki Master
  • Former College Professor – undergraduate and graduate level psychology and sociology
  • Founder/trainer – Institute of NLP & Hypnosis

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It’s been the driver to my new sense of empowerment, excitement, and productivity.

Lisa Banks

I now feel energized and motivated to achieve my career goals.

Chaitali Heinze

I can’t express enough gratitude for the guidance and help Patrice provides.

Bizy Cordial