Does Your Job Feel More Like a Life Sentence?
Does Your Job Feel More Like a Life Sentence?

Career Change…Where Do You Start??

You want to change careers, you have the sneaking suspicion that there’s something else you’re meant to do.

The thing you’re doing, the thing you went to school for or spent all that money getting trained to do just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So the first thing you wonder is “What are my options?”

What else could I possibly do? And what is it that’s really going to make me happy?

Then you go to the internet and ask Dr Google the same question.

You enter “careers” in the search bar.

You might even narrow down your search and type in: alternative careers for lawyers…architects…digital marketers…dentists…

…or jobs that don’t require more education or training…

…or jobs that pay X amount of money.

You spend lots of hours staring […]

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How to Manage Chaos and Uncertainty

If you’re feeling anxious or worried about the future, you’re not alone.

I too have been trying to weather the chaos and upheaval that has dumped into our lives.

I’ve been depressed, anxious and upset like most other people I know.

And sometimes I just let myself wallow in negativity.

But, what I know to be true is this.

There are ways to manage the chaos and navigate these uncertain times.

And, even, dare I say, land in a better place.

Before I specialized in helping people with career transition, I was a psychotherapist who helped many hundreds of people through every life crisis known to man (except a pandemic, of course).

I’ve had to find tons of resources to assist my clients in dealing with life changes, […]

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Job vs. Career: Which One is Right for You?

There’s a difference between a job and a career.

Knowing the difference can save you a lot of needless anguish and suffering.


Because once you know which one you want to pursue you’ll be able to focus your energy where it counts and you’ll feel better about yourself.

The big difference between a job and a career is this…

⇢ A job gets you paid and takes care of your needs.

⇢ A career brings you fulfillment and takes care of your wants.

There are other things that distinguish a job from a career but these are two of the biggies.

And here’s the thing that most people don’t know…

You can have both at the same time as long as you know which one you need to […]

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3 Early Warning Signs a Career Change Might Be in Your Future

If there’s one thing that makes me really sad it’s when I hear someone say they’re just living for the weekend. They’re resigned to the idea that “this is all there is.”

It makes me even sadder to see how people compensate for not enjoying their work life and not even questioning that maybe something needs to change.

I know change is hard and sometimes it feels impossible. That’s why a lot of people self-sooth with seemingly benign behaviors and lifestyle choices.

These socially acceptable behavior patterns mask unhappiness.

If you don’t see them for what they are they’ll trap you and keep you from seeking a better life.

I’m going to share the 3 most common early warning signs I’ve seen that signal your […]

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