Job vs. Career: Which One is Right for You?

Posted: June 28, 2021

There’s a difference between a job and a career.

Knowing the difference can save you a lot of needless anguish and suffering.


Because once you know which one you want to pursue you’ll be able to focus your energy where it counts and you’ll feel better about yourself.

The big difference between a job and a career is this…

⇢ A job gets you paid and takes care of your needs.

⇢ A career brings you fulfillment and takes care of your wants.

There are other things that distinguish a job from a career but these are two of the biggies.

And here’s the thing that most people don’t know…

You can have both at the same time as long as you know which one you need to focus on at the moment!

That’s the biggest mistake I often see. People are confused about which one they need to focus on.

And that’s what causes a lot of needless suffering and unhappiness.

They think they should be heading in one direction but they know they need to head somewhere else.

When you’re torn apart by two different forces it’s literally torture!!

This is super distressing because there’s a way to free yourself from that torn feeling.

Stay tuned for some valuable guidance on how to get out of that muddled, in-between place and zero in on what matters most to you RIGHT NOW.

On the journey with you,

P.S. Know someone struggling with a career decision? Please forward this to them. Thx!

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