Career Change…Where Do You Start??

Posted: June 28, 2021

You want to change careers, you have the sneaking suspicion that there’s something else you’re meant to do.

The thing you’re doing, the thing you went to school for or spent all that money getting trained to do just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So the first thing you wonder is “What are my options?”

What else could I possibly do? And what is it that’s really going to make me happy?

Then you go to the internet and ask Dr Google the same question.

You enter “careers” in the search bar.

You might even narrow down your search and type in: alternative careers for lawyers…architects…digital marketers…dentists…

…or jobs that don’t require more education or training…

…or jobs that pay X amount of money.

You spend lots of hours staring at your computer screen surfing the net, clicking on links, reading job descriptions, looking at salary ranges reading lists of skills and education needed to get those jobs.

You read, you research, you click article after article, job posting after job posting, ruling out career fields, ruling out jobs…moving on to the next interesting possibility until…

…after all those hours or months or even years of doing this you’re no closer to the answer you’re looking for than when you started.

Ugh! This is so frustrating! It makes your head hurt!

And in the end you end up feeling that you’re drowning in a sea of overwhelming, confusing options that may or may not be a fit.

At some point you might say “There’s got to be a better way.”

And yes, my friend, there most certainly is a better way!

This “better way” starts in an entirely different place from the place you went for the answer.

It starts in a place most people will never look.

It starts in a place most people think will slow them down or delay them from finding the right career.

But this is actually the place that’s going to speed up the process and give you the best, most accurate, most detailed and tailored information that will guide you to find the answer to what career is going to make you happy, fit your life and get you paid.

Instead of looking for your options using your computer’s search engine, you’re going to use your very own built-in search engine.

The one you were born with.

It’s called your mind, actually a part of your mind that is most often overlooked because it’s outside of your day-to-day awareness.
This part of your mind, let’s just call it your “inner mind,” is working 24/7 outside your normal awareness and it’s the search engine that knows more about you than you could ever imagine.

And if you ask it to pull up some information that you need so that you can begin to narrow down all the possible careers out there and find just the ones that are going to satisfy and fulfill you, well, it knows just where to go for that information.

So before you go searching on the internet you need to go to this storehouse of information first.

But here’s the thing. You need to know how to operate your built-in search engine so you can unlock the information you need.

That’s why I developed my 5 step process that I call the Career Clarity Formula that shows you exactly how to get the right answer to that big question you’re asking.

My formula is time-tested, and much faster and way more accurate than the trial and error method most people use.

In fact, it’s superior to the methods other career counselors will take you through. (Keep reading to find out why)

There’s no guess-work with my system and it’s guaranteed to get you from the question of…

…“What career am I really cut out for, what’s going to make me happy?”

To the point where you’re saying…

…“Wow, this is exactly what I’d absolutely love to do!”

Maybe you’re wondering “If this is such a great system, why aren’t others using it?”

Well, the answer to that question is because a lot of career change advice comes from recruiters, resume writers, HR professionals, employment or vocational counselors.

People in those fields aren’t trained in how to help you access your own internal search engine that has the answer to the question you’re asking.

That’s where I come in.

As a psychotherapist I use my knowledge of the human mind and we find out what sparks your energy and your aliveness. Then you learn how to uncover your unrecognized strengths, gifts and passions that are hidden from everyday awareness.

You ultimately unearth the career path you’re meant to be on, the one that will bring you the most satisfaction by following the steps I take you through.

I won’t tell you to go to the internet and research your options.

I won’t tell you to read tons of job descriptions and try to figure out if your skills are a match.

Instead you’ll learn how to unlock a unique network of information stored within you!

It’s only after you’ve unlocked the information within that you’ll turn back to the outside world and I’ll show you how to plug in your unique Zone of Genius.

If I had only one wish for you it would be this – if you’re thinking about a career change DO NOT start by turning to the internet and scrolling through that endless list of jobs out there.

Don’t try to sort through tons of job postings to try to find one that matches your skills.

That method creates more confusion and will suck the life out of you. That method will ultimately turn you off from even thinking that it’s possible to find something you love to do.

So here’s something I want you to do instead.

Start by getting curious about how to tap into your own internal search engine.

That’s where the real data is!

When you get quiet and stop bombarding yourself with possible career options you found online, you can turn your focus inward.

What will happen next is that your mind will surprise you by presenting you with some fresh ideas you never would have thought of when you were busy looking “out there” for the answer.

So give yourself permission to turn off the computer and do a little daydreaming.

Let your inner kindergartner out :)

Free your mind and let it roam a bit.

If you’re willing to do that, you’ll be ready to be guided through my 5 step Career Clarity Formula that will lead you to a career you love.

So tell me if you’re game to try a different approach to getting the answer to that BIG question. Leave a comment and schedule a clarity call to get personalized guidance

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