Are You Sabotaging Your Career? (Most People Do Without Realizing)

Posted: February 8, 2023

They’re here.

They’re there.

They’re everywhere!

Saboteurs, I mean. Both internal and external. i.e. Those very deceptive (and mostly untrue) thoughts, actions, and even bad advice that you get that basically tell you – “You could never do what you’re actually passionate about for a job. There isn’t any money in it. Also, you’re not talented enough.”

Does that sound familiar? If so…

Welcome those thoughts. Yes, you read that right. Welcome those thoughts. But what you do next is VERY IMPORTANT…

For each sabotaging thought, come up with one real-life instance that blows it right out of the water. Trust me, you’ll easily find at least one!

For instance, if you feel like you couldn’t get paid enough for what you really want to do, look online and you’ll find tons of people who are making bank while doing exactly that!

If you feel like you’re not talented enough, refer to stories of the people you admire who’ve faced immense rejection in their careers before finally striking gold.

Saboteurs could end up being your saving grace – If you approach them in the right way.

But all of that is easier said than done. Because it’s never really as simple as following just one step and finding the job of your dreams, right?

Right now, you probably don’t have a holistic career vision or blueprint. You can’t figure out how to take inventory of all your skills and subsequently turn them into gainful employment.

The result? You’ve dismissed your passions as silly hobbies; mere weekend distractions while you power up for your day job i.e. “real” life.

Alright, take a deep breath. I have some good news!

You CAN wake up every morning and legitimately feel super fulfilled and well-compensated for a job that seems like it was MADE FOR YOU. One of the secrets to finding a career you’ll love?

Identify Your Zone of Genius!

This is a fun exercise that I came up with. It has helped so many people find their overlap. Your overlap is that unique oh-so-sweet spot where your passions, strengths, and skills collide.

There are several ways to Identify your Zone of Genius. You could start by simply listing the stuff you’re NATURALLY good at. You could even throw in some childhood hobbies that eventually found their way under the rug with the other dust bunnies because you convinced yourself that it would ‘never make you any money.’

Curb your apprehensions! This is your chance to get super CREATIVE. Forget about what makes sense as a job. Just list out things that give you a deep-seated sense of pleasure and purpose.

The next step, once you find that overlap, is perhaps the most exciting of all…

Career Mapping! This is where we figure out how to translate your passions and skills into the world of work!

Because guess what? You don’t have to helplessly resign yourself to a job you HATE or worse still, hopscotch aimlessly from one job to the next – questioning if there even is a career out there that is perfect for you.

I’d love to hear from YOU! Do you know what your Zone of Genius is? Tell me in the comments below or schedule your Complimentary Clarity Call today.

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