You Must Know How to Negotiate!

Posted: March 22, 2023

During an interview, have you ever been at a loss for words? You know WHAT you want, but you have no idea HOW to ask for it. And so you stutter your words and settle with whatever they chose to give you.

That’s happened to me!

It’s happened to so many professionals I work with.

Today, I’d like to talk about…

How to Negotiate????

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to figure out an elusive never-before-seen strategy in the isolation of your room.

Because there are timeless “musts” – PROVEN strategies – on how to ace the interview and command a call-back!

I have a quick story to share…

I met Ryan in the Fall of 2021. He is a talented professional who started to hate his previously successful business because of a radically changing industry.

In fact, he was so distracted by his career problems that life lacked any fun or joy for him even when he wasn’t at work.

How Ryan “Fell” Into His Career

When we first started working together, Ryan told me he had just “fallen into” his career and it wasn’t something he consciously chose or was passionate about. It was just something he knew he could do and make money at.

Ryan’s Transformation

He came to my private coaching sessions with an open mind, having done the home-study exercises.

I supported him in updating his LinkedIn profile and resume so he could begin to target companies that interested him.

Ryan followed his dream company on LinkedIn and within a VERY short time, his dream company reached out to him!

Imagine his joy!

The HR manager asked if he was open to having a chat. One thing led to another and after an on-site tour and interviews…

Ryan Was Offered a Job!????

He negotiated a BETTER starting salary than initially offered, additional time off, and a start date that worked for him and his family.

Ryan was not only able to change his life but change it on HIS terms because of his enthusiasm and negotiation skills.

Over to you! Do you know how to negotiate? And how do you brush up on your negotiation skills before an interview? I’d love to know.

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