Where to Start Your Career Search (+ A Fun Little Exercise)

Posted: March 29, 2023

The most frequently asked question I get from people who want to figure out what career is going to really make them happy is:

Where do I start?

Today, I thought we’d do a fun little exercise!

Let’s suspend logic and reasoning for a second. Forget what you went to school for or what your resume says. Imagine you are already living a life doing what you LOVE. Think about:

What are the predominant feelings you have in your life?
– Peace, happiness, fulfillment, high energy?

What kind of environment do you work in?
– Working from home just 4 days a week with a 3-day weekend?

What do you spend your free time doing?
– Hiking, gaming, building out your Etsy store?

What is your financial situation?
– Able to buy a house or car within 2 years?

Remember to avoid trying to make your answers fit what you see as currently “POSSIBLE.” This is an exercise to FREE your mind. Do not settle for mediocre!

You’ll know the exercise was a success when you say to yourself, “YES, I want this!”

Okay, so once you conjure up your most mouth-watering future, let’s move on to…

A few things you can do right now in your career search:

  1. Introspect – Ask yourself why you want a career (other than the paycheck); To use your talents? Make a contribution? Be creative?
  2. List out your saboteurs; These negative thoughts keep you from seeking a more fulfilling career. Don’t fight them! Just list them out.
  3. For each saboteur, find one real-life example that runs counter to it. For instance, if you think you’ll never get paid enough doing what you love, look online or in your friend group for people who’ve already made that a financially rewarding career!
  4. Think about your strengths; Think about your true passions and skills, stuff that comes to you very naturally and does not drain you!

Trust me, this little exercise is so POWERFUL.

Cami Would Agree!

Cami is a coaching client of mine who went through this very same process when she signed up for the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck course. The results she saw were so POSITIVE!

She couldn’t find a job that she liked, even though she had followed all the “rules:”

✓ She put in the time
✓ Got the requisite certifications
✓ Worked in her industry for several different companies

I took her through the Career Clarity Formula and we quickly discovered what she was really passionate about – we discovered her Zone of Genius – where what she loved to do OVERLAPPED with her natural talents and gifts.

And now that she has found her ideal career path, Cami’s family has noticed a NEW level of happiness and self-assuredness in her!

When career switching, it’s easy to get stuck. Would you like some guidance?

I’m sharing a few tips this month that I think you’ll love.

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