Find Your Soulmate Career in a Few GUARANTEED Steps

Posted: February 1, 2023

We’ve all been there.

Bleary eyed, staring blankly at a spreadsheet at 4:59 pm just as another task comes in from your boss, conveniently titled “Urgent”. Noooooo!

And there you are, questioning whether your career is actually code for a death sentence. You dread going to work in the morning but you also dread EOD because you’ve just finished another day of unfulfilling, purposeless, and mind-numbing work. And you know what comes next…

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Sigh.

So how do you break this cycle? Is there a way to combine your work with your well-being? Productivity with PASSION? A stimulating career with a stimulating paycheck?

Yes. Yes, there is!

Finding a soulmate career is never easy. Switching careers is harder still. But there is a proven, tested, and bulletproof way to STOP using a faulty system to point you in the right direction.

Step 1…It’s time for a little mind exercise. Let’s attempt to refocus our thoughts.

Remember, you simply CANNOT solve a problem if you look at it through the same lens that created it. Now while this may sound counter-intuitive, you’ll have to temporarily suspend logic and reason for a moment for this to actually work!

Reach out to your inner child and let your imagination soar! Conjure up a vision of your ideal future. For now, don’t worry about the paycheck.

Because while money is important, consider this – The average American clocks in 47 hours per week at work. That’s a good 27% of your whole week. So it isn’t just about being employed but finding MEANINGFUL employment. Meaningful work draws you in, engages you, gives you a sense of flow, and helps you feel like you’re making progress in life.

So suspend the rules and create a mouth-watering future version of your life (not just your job). That’s the very first step.

And now for Step 2: Update your Operating System!

Nope, it isn’t the year 2099 yet. Humans don’t have a physical OS built into their frontal lobes that needs to be remotely programmed by a super computer.

But we’re not too far off from that idea. Right now, your mind functions in a similar way to an OS in that it helps you receive, process, and respond to information in real time. If you’re stuck in a career you hate, chances are, your OS needs an update – stat!

To RE-PROGRAM your OS, you need to ask yourself two very important questions: What do you want in an ideal career? Why do you want those things?

The secret lies therein!

This is a strong start but it isn’t the whole picture. Long-term SATISFACTION – both emotionally and monetarily is going to require you take stock and know how to combine your skills, talents, passions, strengths, and motivations – in an innovative and disruptive way – so you can arrive at a list of careers that deliver that stimulating career and stimulating paycheck!

If you’ve been job hunting for ages only to fall into the same rabbit holes over, and over, and over again – it’s time to try something new.

Let’s connect! I have a GUARANTEED 5-step Formula that I’d love to give you. You can FINALLY stop job hopping and find your soulmate career!

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