My guess is that you’ve been trying to figure this out on your own already. Every client who’s ever come to me has already done their research whether it’s using the internet, talking to friends, family and mentors, taking assessments and tests, reading books, you name it, and still, you end up questioning what the right career choice is. Time is money and you’ve already spent lots of time on this so that means you’ve spent money on it and you’re still not where you want to be. The truth is that there are some few lucky people who somehow fall into the right career but for the rest of us, it means getting professional help. I’m a Career Transition Expert and my recommendation is not to waste any more time because what you have here is the path forward and the answer to the question you’ve been asking. You want to know “how” to find a career that’s going to make you happy. This Career Transition Partnership Program is the “how” you’ve been looking for.