Does it take magic to find your dream job?

Posted: August 19, 2023

Image of a magicians wand behind red curtains, demonstrating the question; "Does it take magic to find your dream job?"

You won’t believe this story…

Ginny had been in therapy and not making progress with her depressed mood. Her therapist helped her identify that the source of her major unhappiness and lack of energy was because she was stuck in a job that no longer fit who she was.

She worked at a large corporation and felt good about her work for the first 12-15 years, but now she wanted to do something that would flex other muscles.

She applied for positions within her corporation, but they shut her out and wouldn’t consider her for a transfer because she was an engineer and not a business analyst.

She started to look for a career coach to figure out how to get out of the role where she now felt “miserable.” She found me after an on-line search and hired me to help her figure out a new career path that would be rewarding and move her out of the stagnant position she was in.

After a short time using my system, her energy and vitality returned, and she felt optimistic and hopeful again. She began to feel powerful in her ability to create a future that would include a fulfilling career that fit who she was now and who she was becoming.

A few months in, she had identified some new exciting career options and she began to research, network and communicate with her dream companies. 

Then the BIG SURPRISE happened:

Her boss at her current job approached her and said she would assist her in transferring to a more challenging role and if she was willing to wait a month or two, she would be transferred and be mentored by someone whose job she would eventually take over. She would move out of individual contributor status and now manage a team. She was ecstatic!

Today, Ginny tells me she is doing her “dream job” and she loves her work. It meets the criteria we had identified. She gets to flex her creative side, business side and science side. She negotiated a big bump in salary and works a four-day week. She created a hybrid position before Covid came on the scene and she continues in this hybrid work that allows her to have the kind of life she wants – Pilates and dance class around the corner from her San Francisco home on Fridays, seeing friends and attending cultural events and enjoying time with her husband. 

Isn’t that an amazing story?! I’m so happy for Ginny, and so proud of her for landing her dream job!

This kind of change happened for her, this story is for REAL, and it can happen for you, too! 

Ginny and I have talked often about the “magic” that happened at work that opened the door to the job she has today. And here’s the thing, it wasn’t magic at all. The reason that door opened for her had to do with some powerful techniques and tools she gained from our coaching sessions. I guided Ginny through my process that led to clarity on what she really wanted and then I helped her go after it.   

She started showing up at work with a different attitude. Her colleagues even mentioned that something had changed about her. Some people said she was showing her “sassy” side. Actually she was just showing up bolder and more confident about herself and her ability to create the life she wanted, which included having a job she loved. She knew she would no longer settle for the scraps she was being thrown by her company. She knew she had skills and abilities that were untapped and she was determined to find a place to use them!

Testimonial graphic from Ginny B., explaining that it didn't take magic to find her dream job.

“Coaching with Patrice empowered me to have a purposeful happy life. I have learned techniques to leverage my strengths in new ways. I can truly say I’m doing my dream job!” -Ginny

I was thrilled and delighted to see the transformation that Ginny made from bored employee to excited, energized leader of a team. Her desire to have a career that challenges her and grows her abilities along with a great paycheck is where she is today. 

Ginny made the magic happen because she decided to get clarity on what she really wanted and then to go after it. So you might even say that CLARITY = MAGIC because magical things happen when you have it.

If you’ve been thinking about a change, and wish something magical would happen for you, let’s see what we can do together! I can’t wait to talk with you and show you how possible this is for YOU! 

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