Psst! Here’s How to Design & Build Your Dream Career!

Posted: February 22, 2023

Roughly 40 hours every week are spent at the office. That’s 90,000 hours in our lifetime! Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if every one of those hours – LIT. YOU. UP?

I’m here to confirm that you can find work you’re passionate about because you know you’re making an impact. A career where you feel motivated, seen, and appreciated! A job where your passions, interests, and lifestyle goals align.

No, that ISN’T too much to ask for. It’s totally possible to get it. And today, I’m going to show you how!

Design Your Dream Career

Right now, you’re probably trapped inside your head. A tangled ball of thoughts is ping-ponging back and forth endlessly inside your mind. It’s exhausting and you just want it to STOP!

It’s time to get out of your head and get moving in the right direction. My Passion, Purpose, Paycheck course steers you in the right direction!

For starters, we want to focus on RULING IN jobs rather than the standard societal way of ruling them out. Here, you’ll identify potential companies, positions, and training programs – ones that perfectly align with your standards. Like a dating matchmaker, we’ll be picky and precise that you’re putting yourself in front of ideal employers and dream opportunities.

And remember, at this point, the only limits are your limiting beliefs (which you’ll get tons of help to break away from!).

You’ll find enjoyment in opportunities you hadn’t heard of, hadn’t thought were possible, hadn’t realized you wanted, or even known existed before.

Here’s where you’ll carve out the YOU-shaped spot in the market and find massive inspiration in what’s both possible and probable!

Build Your Dream Career

Now that you’ve shortlisted your dream career, it’s time to make the magic happen! With the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck course…

You’ll receive training dedicated to job search formulas and how to populate search tools that match your Career Blueprint Map!

Each assignment and expert training teaches you the timeless “musts” along with the latest techniques on working with recruiters and using LinkedIn to get the interview and command a call-back.

You’ll also receive training on how to confidently negotiate your salary and a benefits package that delights you!

The result? You’ll have the confidence and know-how to land your dreamiest dream job and uplevel all parts of your life!

Your Dream Career is Waiting For You → Accept?

I’m a huge believer that ANYONE can be successful in any field when they have the right support.

Passion, Purpose, Paycheck is the straightest path to your dream career. And once you find your dream career, your health, finances, lifestyle, and happiness ALL follow suit!

Have questions? Schedule Your Complimentary Clarity Call Today!

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