So it’s right about here where I jump in and ruffle some feathers by saying…

I believe it’s possible to have passion & purpose in your work
AND a good paycheck to go alongside it.
And I believe you’re meant to do work that you love waking up for
and that fulfills you in every area of your life

You see, I’ve spent upwards of the last three decades helping young
professionals like you put an end to the cynical view of “you work and then you

Hi! I’m Patrice.

Espresso Connoisseur, dark chocolate lover [I’m all about “taste-testing” them to decide if it was worth the calories], San Francisco Bay area enthusiast, and previ-ously an unhappy, rising corporate star turned Career Transition Specialist.

I’m also obsessed with helping driven employees save themself from an unfulfilling career and transition into one that they were meant for. It’s something I’ve helped thousands of people do (all of whom came in with no clear direction or idea of what they wanted). And if you allow it, I’d love to show you how I can do the same for you.

Inside this letter, I’m about to share what I believe is the most enjoyable, expansive, and effective way ever created for finding complete clarity on a career that satisfies your passion, fills you up in ways you never imagined, and supports you and your family more than comfortably.

One that provides you the entire soup-to-nuts process of understanding the career you want, finding it, and then making it your reality.
That’s why I’m so honored that you’re here, today.

Introducing you to the…

The Ultimate Career Transition

partnership program

A personal 9-month transformative life experience

Guaranteed to land you in a career that you LOVE…

…Backed by the entire step-by-step plan to get you there.

Going through the coaching program helped me ‘ rebuild my confidence and find my inner peace, ‘ identify my new career, and land the job!”

I can’t express enough gratitude for the guidance and help you provided to me. Before we worked together I was at my wits end trying to figure out what I wanted to do and if it was over possible for me to make a career change. I had so much self-doubt. My confidence was at an all-time low. I no longer felt like myself and didn’t like the direction I was headed.

Going through the coaching program helped me rebuild my confidence and find my inner peace, identify my new career, and land the job! I would not be where I am without having worked with you and I want others to be able to experience this too. I am a huge advocate of career (and life) coaching and counseling. It really does work wonders. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!”


Upon celebrating our 9-months together, you will…

  • Uncover unwavering clarity on the career field that you are meant to be in {Regardless of previous jobs you held, past education that you feel obliged to continue, or the career path that everyone says you should be doing}
  • Vastly improve your emotional, mental, and physical health in one solid swoop {Feel confident about who you are, break the chains of anxiety and depression that riddled you with an unhappy job, and step into a new you of more energy, more aliveness, and more ambition}
  • Identify, search, and solidify your new career path and dream job {Eliminate outside distractions and discover that dream jobs DO exist}
  • Draw meaningful, rewarding relationships into your life when you feel in FLOW every day
    {Deepen the relationships you have, inspire people around you, and become a role model for your kids, partner, and friends)
  • Step into a life of opportunity and adventure with a career change that feeds your passions, aligns with your interests, and contributes to major impact {Wake up genuinely looking forward to the day rather than just “going through the motions”}

Your career is a central pillar of your life.
When you take care of this ONE piece…
Your health, finances, lifestyle, and happiness ALL follow suit

Here’s What’s Inside

The Ultimate Career Transition

partnership program