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Passion, Purpose, Paycheck

The program for young professionals to find a career that makes you happy, fits your life, and gets you paid

Let me ask you the million-dollar question:

What’s standing between you and a career that makes you excited to wake up on Mondays?

Let’s be real: A lot.

You might be thinking:

  • Different/more/better qualifications
  • Different/more/better experience
  • Different/more/better connections

Then there are the current struggles, like…

  • Overwhelm
  • Family responsibilities
  • Bills to pay

(It’s hard to make the space to think straight with all of that going on)

In my four decades of experience as a psychotherapist, I can say with authority that those are not actually the biggest hurdles to making a career out of your passions and interests. All of those can be overcome with a little time and creative problem-solving.

What really keeps people feeling locked into careers, jobs, or companies that slowly eat away at their souls (dreading Monday morning every week for 40 years) are thoughts, like…

“This is what success looks like”

(as defined by everyone else)

“At least it’s financially secure / has health care/ comes with benefits”

(so do many other jobs you’d like more!)

“I’ll do this for the money and do my hobby on the side”

(except you’re so drained from your day job that you have no time, energy or inspiration left over for your real passion)

“I worked so hard to get here, I might as well keep going”

(Really? This is what you want the rest of your life to look like? Ever hear of the ‘sunk-cost fallacy’?)

“I’m not qualified to do anything else.”

(You probably are, but even if you’re not, that’s a fixable problem.)

These thoughts come from:

  • Shoulds.
  • Stories.
  • Inner saboteurs.

And they will keep you trapped in the career that drains you, the job that takes too much time away from your family, and the work environment that’s so toxic it contaminates your weekends (even Saturdays become tainted when they’re next to Sundays which are nearly Mondays.)

Shoulds, stories and inner saboteurs are more difficult to overcome than almost any educational, experiential or social obstacle.

That is why Passion, Purpose, Paycheck goes far deeper than just career coaching. We don’t start with a list of your qualifications and interests and another list of job titles and draw lines from one to the other. There is no career test (read: glorified quiz) that spits out less than helpful results like “whale trainer.”

No, our starting place is your Operating System: The ‘factory programming’ you received from family, society, church, and neighborhood that instilled in you a set of expectations, values, shoulds and stories that put you on this path.

This path that doesn’t quite fit.

Before you can identify what you really want, you have to update the operating system of your younger self. The one that got you here.

The first step to unearthing your true, driving passion is to become aware of the belief system you were handed. Because, if you use the same perspectives to design your future today that you used as a 20-something, you’ll find yourself living a rerun of the same struggles you have now.

When you become aware of your current operating system, you can start to choose which stories to keep, and which no longer serve you. Then new possibilities will have space to surface without your inner saboteur pouncing on them.

Passions and interests you haven’t allowed yourself to pursue seriously, along with skills and strengths you may not have paid attention to since childhood, will be free to raise their hands for consideration.

And once all of the possibilities are on the table, we can start to narrow them down to where your passions, strengths and skills converge into your Zone of Genius.

When you find that sweet spot, you will have the clarity you need to move forward.

Story time:

One young professional came to me after switching careers FIVE times, and going through years of therapy. He came from an immigrant family where financial security was the most important factor in career choice, and he’d always looked for jobs that would gain his family’s approval. That kept him from considering what he might really want to do. After uncovering these familial “stories,” he felt freed up to follow a hunch that led him to visit a holistic healthcare center. That’s where he met a practitioner and discovered his passion! He is now a certified massage therapist and personal trainer (winning Top Salesperson and Master Trainer in record time). He says helping people this way was a long-ago hidden childhood dream.

Beware the inner saboteur

Your inner saboteur will do anything to keep you safely miserable, like raising the thoughts “You’ll never make money with that,” “that’s too hard,” “that takes too long,” “you’re too old to start that now.” But the saboteur’s favorite word is… should.

  • You should be happy with what you have.
  • You should be able to handle the toxic work environment better.
  • You should be grateful to have a job at all!
  • You should put your kids’ college tuition first.

Those aren’t all bad, but if they keep you stuck in a life that lacks meaning and drives you deeper into…

  • Numbing out with Netflix, social media scrolling
  • Over-eating, over-drinking
  • Dependence on mood-altering substances to get through the day
  • Compulsive shopping….

Then they’re doing more harm than you think.

You shouldn’t be in a lifestyle that’s impossible to live with unless you’re numb.

In the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Program, I will give you tools to move the saboteur to the side so you can move past those false limits and find the passions, the interests, and the purpose that is TRUE to you!

Once we put these together you will see your destination — your zone of genius — the question becomes: how do you get there? This is where we move into Career Mapping.

Using what you’ve learned about yourself, I’ll show you how to follow the breadcrumbs to identify industries, companies and job titles that fit your criteria.

Not just for what you want to do and how you want to work…

But how you want to live.

This isn’t just about the work you do. This is about your whole life.

And when you find the right work, the work that excites you, where you can see the impact of your work on others and feel deeply satisfied — that’s when:

  • You wake up on Mondays with optimism for the week ahead.
  • You have the mental/emotional and energetic bandwidth to get to yoga in the morning.
  • Your partner, kids, friends love spending time with you because you’re so joyful.
  • Your work energizes you (instead of drains you) so you really do have energy in the evenings to do other things you love.
  • You’ll go from everyday drudgery to feeling in inspired flow.
  • You don’t have to worry about work/life balance because you’ve achieved work/life alignment.

Plus, you’ll be able to save so much money since you won’t be stress-spending to numb out. Who needs to numb when you love your life?

I know, right now, self-doubt, discouragement and stress-induced brain fog are making it hard to choose a direction. You’re at a crossroads, facing big life decisions, and it’s easy to get stuck unless you find a compass to tell you True North.

That is what this program is designed to be — your compass.

Story time:

Often, expectations that are programmed in early childhood keep us from seeing career options that would be perfect fits. One of my first clients was a dentist, and everyone in her family was either a doctor or a dentist — so those were the only two options she saw! She came to me feeling lost because she didn’t want to be a doctor either. I suggested we look at what types of careers would fit her – her interests, her passions, and her lifestyle. It was a big leap from what her family would have steered her towards! She opened up a whole new world of opportunity she would never have seen before.

Hi! I’m Patrice, and I’m so glad you’re here. Let me tell you a little about my story.

When I graduated from my Liberal Arts college, I was thinking the same thoughts as every new grad: “How can I make money?!” I leveraged the skills I had: Writing. I took a proofreading job editing book flap copy (remember book flaps?), eventually getting hired as the editor for Motor Age Magazine (no, I wasn’t particularly passionate about cars). But it was a fancy job and, according to my family and friends, I’d made it. My dad, uncles and aunts were so proud. And despite this “great” job I was deeply depressed.

See, I’d grown up with two messages: Go and do something you love BUT make money. The two didn’t seem to go together. And whenever I veered more towards something I loved, I’d hear “that should be a hobby; you’ll never make money at that!” (This became the voice of my own inner saboteur — maybe mine sounds a little like yours?)

I went to therapy to get help for the depression and that’s where I discovered my real passion: Helping people. I went back to school to study psychotherapy and I have loved my job ever since.

Today, I use my background in psychotherapy, understanding the human mind, why we do what we do, and how to change what we do — to help young professionals like you find YOUR passion and purpose… with a paycheck.

Before working with Patrice, I was at a major crossroads and was facing some big life decisions. Despite going through a vocational evaluation, I still wasn’t sure about the right direction to take in my career. I felt confident about the nature of the career that I wanted but felt that there was a vital piece to my life puzzle that was missing – self-doubt and discouragement seemed to be an ever-present cloud above my head. I knew I was stuck. That’s why I sought Career Clarity Coaching from Patrice.

During the coaching, Patrice helped me get out of overwhelm and confusion by guiding me to identify my values and prioritize what was really important to me. I was able to set goals, get focused and take the right actions. Instead of being driven by anxiety, I was gaining confidence and trust in myself.

Now everything’s so clear. I feel confident in my decision about my new career path and everything is opening up for me! Working with Patrice has been the missing link I needed. It’s been the driver to my new sense of empowerment, excitement and productivity. Patrice led me on this journey of discovery with compassion and caring. Coaching with her has given me new energy, strength and tools to resolve future challenges as I move forward in my new career.


How this works

I designed this online, self-paced program that leads you through updating your operating system, managing your saboteur, finding your zone of genius, identifying potential industries and jobs, and creating a plan to get there.

When you click “Enroll Now” you will immediately get:

Access to the Membership Portal with 5 Program Modules that walk you through the step-by-step Career Clarity Formula to reach your goals. Includes templates and pdf exercises

Access to a Private Facebook Community to help you stay on track and stay inspired

1 Private 120-min VIP Coaching Session personalized to your career goals

LIVE Virtual Career Guidance Sessions twice a month ongoing: your questions answered by Patrice!

 (This alone is worth $3000 if you were to pay my regular coaching rate)

Mini Course Bundle! Extra resources to help your career transition go more smoothly, including:

  • 5-Steps to Pivot to a Career You Love: quickstart guide for career clarity
  • Get Right With Your Money: decrease money worries & increase earning power
  • Use LinkedIn to Switch Careers
  • Create Your Transitional Resume
  • Successfully Working With Recruiters
  • Effective Negotiation to Maximize Your Salary
  • How to Create a Life Purpose Statement

Total Investment: $3000

Payment options available. I don’t believe price should be the reason you can’t get the career you love.

Choose your payment option:



(save $330 with full pay!)


$555 today

plus 5 installments of $555

Also, if you decide to work with me one-on-one later, I’ll credit you what you’ve already paid for this program.

Not sure this is for you?

Clients who succeed with this program tend to have these things in common:

If your goal is to feel 100% clear and confident about what you want, this program will get you there (if you follow the system and DO the doable assignments).

In this program, you will find:

  • A time-tested, proven system that saves hours of frustration and cuts through the clutter of job postings and endless job applications that go nowhere
  • Crystal clarity about the career path that’s right for you, your values, and your life!
  • The tools to discover your personal Zone of Genius to maximize your talents & skills and get in flow
  • Exercises to help you find the impact and contribution you’re here to make
  • The formula that banishes doubt and hesitation so you can take purposeful action
  • The focus and confidence to once and for all, pursue the career that makes you happy, fits your life and gets you paid!

Passion, Purpose, Paycheck has 5 modules

The Prep Work for Success – how to be successful in the program, what’s different about this from the other things you’ve tried, and how to best prepare yourself to get the most out of this journey.

Your Operating System – how you got where you are with the ‘factory programming’ from family, society, church, neighborhood, education, etc.

How to Update Your Operating System – free yourself from limiting beliefs, fears, and other people’s stories so new possibilities can open up that you weren’t able to consider before.

Passion Exploration – Exercises to identify passions, strengths and interests you’ve put on the backburner (or forgotten about altogether). We’ll also talk about how to silence your inner saboteur, who will be SCREAMING at your audacity to follow your bliss to your Zone of Genius!

Career Mapping – When we find the overlap of passions + strengths + skills, it’s time to use that to find real jobs, industries and companies that match your criteria.

It’s time to stop agonizing over trying to figure out what career will make you happy.

It’s time to stop wondering what your life purpose is, what you’re really meant to do!

It’s time to solve this ginormous question — so let’s cut through the confusion, overwhelm, and all of the SHOULDS, so you can wake up excited to go to work.

I uncovered a forgotten dream and now have clearly defined goals for a rewarding future career.

I didn’t have a focus and I thought I’d never catch up to the success of my peers. Going through the coaching program I got the expert guidance that was missing from my life previously. I uncovered a forgotten dream and now have clearly defined goals and I’m well on my way to creating a rewarding future career. Thank you, Patrice!”


Patrice helped me understand what I truly envision for my career and I have the opportunity for the best phase of my career now.

I worked with Patrice in her program and she helped me to understand what I truly envisioned for my career. Her work was essential to help me during this transitioning process. And now I can say I unlocked it and I have the opportunity to have the best phase of my career now. Thanks, Patrice for your support!”


As a result of working with Patrice I figured out what I most wanted to do and I launched my own company in May 2021!

“Patrice has a clear methodology that walks you through how to manage your fears, how to think through your passions, skills, and strengths and identify your zone of genius. She provided the structure I needed with her valuable “homework” templates, group sessions and individual one-on-ones. All these components helped to tease out what was most important and what I should focus on that gets me excited about my career each and every day”


I’ve always thought since work is such a big part of our life it makes sense to find something you really want to spend all that time doing. I’m just not into suffering 40 hours a week (or more) so I can enjoy my nights and weekends.

I just knew there must be a way to make money doing something you love. But the big question everybody struggles with is “what is it that I really want to do?”

When I became a psychotherapist I started to notice why so many people couldn’t get in touch with what they really wanted and then I got obsessed with finding a way to help them clear the mind clutter and get rid of the noise in their head so they could get crystal clear and confident about what career to pursue.

I ended up developing a proven system that came from the thousands of hours I worked with people helping them figure out what they wanted to do with their life.

Honestly I’ve lost track of how many people (over the last 40 years) I’ve helped dig out of that black hole that had them believing they would never find something that would make them want to jump out of bed and get to work. But I can tell you this, I know for a fact that if you’re someone who is done with dragging yourself into work and you want to find out what’s going to make you happy and get you paid, I’m ready to help you.

And just in case you wondered what else makes me happy besides helping people like you find work you love – I’m all about enjoying a strong cappuccino, having a convo with a good friend or hiking on a sunny day and catching a glimpse of some wildlife doing their thing in nature.


Q: What kind of results can I expect from this program?

A: The program teaches you the Career Clarity Formula that gets you crystal clear about the career path that’s right for you. After going through the modules, using the tools and doing the exercises, you’ll have the clarity, confidence and energy to conduct a streamlined, focused job search that targets only the jobs that are right for you!

Q: Does this program help me get a job?

A: This program provides the foundation you need before you start a job search. This program is not designed to get you hired at a new job. It’s designed to help you know what types of jobs are the best fit for you so you don’t waste time looking all over the internet or interviewing for jobs that aren’t a great match for you.

Q: Do I get access to all the modules right away?

A: Yes! As soon as you enroll you get access to the Membership Portal and you can log in and begin the program. You’ll want to do the modules in sequence so that the material makes sense. Later you can always go back over the lessons for a deeper dive whenever you want.

Q: How long does it take to go through the program?

A: This is a self-paced program so you can go at the pace that makes sense for you and your schedule. There are templates and exercises you’ll need to complete as you go through program, so give yourself time to do those so you get the maximum benefit.

Q: Are there any private coaching sessions included with the program?

A: Yes, there is a private one-on-one VIP session with Patrice that comes with the program. As you go through the modules, you’ll receive instructions for how and when to schedule your VIP session.

Q: Are there any other Live Sessions?

A: Yes, twice a month you’ll be able to attend Live Virtual Career Guidance Sessions where you can get additional, personalized support from Patrice with all your questions.

Q: Can I access the program on my phone, tablet, laptop or computer?

A: Yes, you can access the program on any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Q: What language is the program in?

A: English (with a Philadelphia accent!)

Q: Do I get unlimited access to the Membership Portal?

A: Yes, you have access to the membership portal and the program for the life of the technology platform.