Ready to get Clarity on what your next career move is?

Get a Personalized Map based on your specific needs and future goals that leads to Career Fulfillment

(…even if the thought of making a career move terrifies you!)

Have you heard the myth?

All of your well meaning friends and family tell you that IF you want to make a change, you’ll have to start ALL OVER again (and you’ve wasted all the time, money and effort you’ve already put into your career)

People will tell you to stick with what you have because the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Why would you throw away something that’s a sure thing for a future that’s unknown?

They’ll tell you to just stick it out – they’ll even count the number of years you have left and tell you to suck it up ‘cause nobody really likes their job, right? 

But let me ask you this…

Would you like:

  • to work in a career where you are respected, valued and appreciated?
  • a paycheck that reflects what you’re giving, and a well-funded 401k for your future?
  • to be involved and contributing to something you believe in?
  • a career that will make you feel ALIVE again?
  • to have a job that fits into your life rather than taking over your life?

If you’re nodding your head “yes” – You ARE nodding your head “YES”, right??

Then get ready, because if you play your cards right, you can steer your career destiny. You will choose the right path & make the right move at the right time with absolute certainty.

Patrice helped me understand what I truly envision for my career and I have the opportunity for the best phase of my career now.”


There are also some other amazing side effects to gaining clarity and confidence around your next career move…


No more of those agonizing torn feelings and that push pull of indecision and doubt. The torture is over. The confusion has been eliminated. The decision has been made and you’re confidently moving in the right direction.


You strut into your current job with a newfound sense of certainty – things are about to change. You’re walking on Cloud 9 because all of this “stuff” at work will soon be a part of your past.


Things are happening! You’re meeting the right people, you’re finding opportunities you didn’t know existed before. All of it feels easy and right. You’re stepping through doors that are opening right in front of you.

Not convinced yet?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how I was able to take charge of my career destiny…

After job hopping and career switching in my early 20’s I finally stopped using the conventional job search strategies everyone else was suggesting. Instead I used a different method and found a career that includes passion, purpose and paycheck. I honed and perfected my system to the point where my clients’ success rate is 100%. Pretty amazing, right?

Working with Patrice has been the missing link I needed. It’s been the driver to my new sense of empowerment, excitement and productivity. Patrice led me on this journey of discovery with compassion and caring. Coaching with her has given me new energy, strength and tools to resolve future challenges as I move forward in my new career.


When you have career clarity, everything shifts in your life. You become the person that not only other people want to be with, but that YOU want to be with. You feel in control of your life. It’s exhilarating to know with absolute certainty where you’re going!


Passion, Purpose, Paycheck

Action Plan

A personalized map that shows you the way to career fulfillment

This is where it all starts! Prior to finding me, so many people feel exhausted and confused by taking career tests and sifting through endless lists of potential jobs hoping to somehow find that ONE right job that is going to make them happy. And some people even land a new job only to find that one didn’t work out either.

That’s the reason I take people through a different process. We start with designing the plan that will lead to career fulfillment…The Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan is that plan.

Together we take an in-depth look at where you are, where you’ve been and what your specific needs and future goals are. I show you how to avoid the pitfalls that will throw you off course and I arm you with the knowledge you need to move past the inevitable stumbling blocks.

You’ll get my streamlined formula that guarantees Career Clarity and saves you boatloads of time, energy and money. No more hours and hours of sitting hunched over your computer sorting through job descriptions and filling out job applications that leave you bleary-eyed and mystified about your career destiny.

Instead you’ll have a smooth, well-organized, efficient plan that will reliably deliver you to a fulfilling career.

With this personalized map in hand you are on your way to choosing the right career and making the right move at the right time.

Career fulfillment becomes your destiny!

The End Result?

  • You are crystal clear about where you’re headed and you are radiating confidence that you’ll get there

  • Those around you benefit from your newly found peace of mind that allows you to be 100% present for the people and experiences in your life you care about

If you’re at a crossroads in your life and you want to be sure you’re making the right decisions so you can have the future you want, I highly recommend hiring Patrice as your coach. As an LCSW, I have learned that there are only certain mental health professionals that are helpful. Patrice, who is also an LCSW, definitely dealt with that issue quite successfully.

I was at a major turning point in my life and I was terrified about what the future might bring. My workplace was changing dramatically and I felt totally stressed out and overwhelmed by the chaos around me. I knew I needed to make some big decisions that would impact the rest of my life.

With Patrice’s help I started to take back control of my life. She helped me look at new possibilities and opportunities that I could pursue. She gave me tools that helped me make sense of what was going on. As a result I have been more active in trying out new things. And, I have put some plans in place for a future that brings me joy.

I highly recommend working with Patrice if you’re at a crossroads in your life and you want some solid guidance on how to make your future better

– Mary M

Patrice has been my guiding light.

I turn to Patrice for coaching whenever I’m confused about what direction I should take in my career and business. She has a way of always asking me the right questions that help me unmuddle my mind and get me super clear on what actions to take. I always leave our coaching sessions feeling more focused and more confident. I cannot thank her enough for all the help and guidance she’s given me. She has been a real lifesaver :)

– Carolyn Chebaro

I uncovered a forgotten dream and now have clearly defined goals for a rewarding future career.

I didn’t have a focus and I thought I’d never catch up to the success of my peers. Going through the coaching program I got the expert guidance that was missing from my life previously. I uncovered a forgotten dream and now have clearly defined goals and I’m well on my way to creating a rewarding future career. Thank you, Patrice!”


Patrice helped me understand what I truly envision for my career and I have the opportunity for the best phase of my career now.

I worked with Patrice in her program and she helped me to understand what I truly envisioned for my career. Her work was essential to help me during this transitioning process. And now I can say I unlocked it and I have the opportunity to have the best phase of my career now. Thanks, Patrice for your support!”


Here are just a few a-ha moments you’ll experience:

  • How to reignite your energy with a compelling future vision
  • There’s an actual system that will streamline your job search and save gobs of time

  • How to banish procrastination and second-guessing and take purposeful, confident action

Grab the

Passion, Purpose, Paycheck

Action Plan

Here’s how it works:

  • 1
    You get access to the Career Fulfillment Assessment Tool – the tool that gives you insight into where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future. Completing the assessment allows Patrice to design your personalized Passion, Purpose Paycheck Action Plan.
  • 2
    If you want to skip filling out the Career Fulfillment Assessment Tool, Patrice will meet with you before creating your action plan and do the assessment live with you – your choice.
  • 3
    Once your Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan is created Patrice meets you on Zoom for your VIP session where she will walk you through the entire plan and answer all your questions. You’ll have her expert eyes on your career for 90 minutes or until all your questions are answered!
  • 4
    At the end of the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan session Patrice will show you your best options for implementing your plan.
  • 5
    You will leave this VIP experience with your very own roadmap and you’ll know what move to make next that leads to your career destiny.

The Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan takes the randomness out of searching for the right career path and you’ll be able to make those big life-changing decisions with certainty and confidence. The Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan is that solid foundation you’ve been looking for.

You have two options:

  • Option 1: I’m cool with using the Career Fulfillment Assessment Tool on my own and want to be sure Patrice knows as much as possible about me before we meet: $500 and you complete the Career Fulfillment Assessment Tool ahead of time

  • Option 2: I don’t enjoy filling out assessments and would prefer to have Patrice guide me through the Career Fulfillment Assessment: $1,000

Choose your path forward:

Choose your path

My Promise to You:

I’ve delivered hundreds of these Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plans and have NEVER had anyone tell me they didn’t get a ton of value out of it. 

Take me up on this offer and you’ll be thrilled you did!


Q: Why do I need a Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan?
A: The Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan is for you If…
If you’re not already in your dream job and you are confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, worried, stuck, procrastinating or just plain ready to know exactly where to start and what steps to take that will lead you to your dream job, the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan is for you!

Q: How long is the session?
A: If you’ve already filled out the assessment tool, your session will last 90 minutes or until all your questions are answered! Patrice is saving 2 whole hours in her schedule for your VIP session!

Q: If I don’t fill out the assessment tool ahead of time, how does that work?
A: You meet with Patrice on Zoom for 60 minutes and she will ask you all the questions she needs to so she can create your Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan. Patrice will set up a second session with you so she can deliver the plan and go over it in detail with you. That session will take 60 – 90 minutes or until all your questions are answered!

Q: What does the assessment tool entail?
A: The Career Fulfillment Assessment is a tool that gives you insight into where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future. Answering the questions will help Patrice design a personalized plan that leads to future career fulfillment.

Q: Will I get a copy of the Action Plan?
A: Yep! You get a written report + a video recording + audio recording + the full transcript of your session.

Q: What results will I get once I go through the Action Plan session?
A: You will have your own custom tailored plan with the right steps, in the right order, for you to take that will lead to your dream job. Patrice will explain how to best implement the plan and what your options are for moving forward with the plan.

Q: Will this session tell me what career or job is right for me?
A: No, this session will give you a tailor-made plan which once implemented points to what career or job is best for you. Patrice will discuss how you can implement the plan and the next right step for you.

Q: Once I have my Action Plan what should I do next?
A: Based on your specific situation and life/career goals Patrice will advise you on what steps and options will work best for you. You may decide to implement your plan by continuing to work with Patrice in one of her coaching programs if that is recommended or she might recommend the self-study route using the plan and getting some added support.

Q: Does the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan work for everyone?
A: After using the Career Fulfillment Assessment tool and before the Action Plan session, Patrice can determine if the Action Plan is not for you. We will let you know and return your investment.

Q: Does the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action Plan come with a guarantee?
A: In all the years Patrice has been creating Action Plans for people, no one has felt it was not a valuable use of their time. Having a Passion, Purpose, Paycheck Action plan is transformative! Patrice promises that you will leave with greater clarity, insight and knowledge to guide you in your career and life.

Imagine how much different your career (and life!) could look if…

  • You don’t have to do one more Google search to see if your dream job is out there (buh-bye Google!)
  • You had your own custom tailored plan that shows you doable, bite-sized steps (no more overwhelm!)
  • You had the peace of mind knowing you’re headed in the right direction (no more second-guessing)
  • You have clarity and the joy of confidently moving forward to fulfilling your career destiny (and feeling that sense of stability, satisfaction and happiness sticking around for good)
Patrice is the go-to expert when it comes to finding a career that makes you happy, fits your life and gets you paid.

She knows how to cut through the noise and clutter and help you get crystal clear and confident so you can move out of a soul-sucking job and into a career you love.

Patrice developed her unique, innovative and proven method to find the career that’s right for you through her 40 years of applied research and thousands of hours helping clients make significant life changes.

A psychotherapist turned career transition specialist, Patrice combines her knowledge and experience in the fields of behavioral science, neuro-science, peak performance and the psychology of change to help people create more meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

Patrice lives her meaningful and fulfilling life in the San Fransisco Bay Area where she can be found enjoying hiking in nature or sipping a latte at one of her favorite coffee shops.