Here’s What’s Inside

The Ultimate Career Transition

partnership program

The Fundamentals

Energy, Clarity, Confidence


You’ll start off with a bang as you jump into the Passion, Purpose, Paycheck self-study program, which becomes your north star to uncover and identify your life vision.

While most career coaches (along with society in general) say that your skills and previous education should determine your job – I help you shift that status quo and find a new way that feels more like YOU.

That’s because it’s not your skills, natural abilities, nor previous jobs that should determine your path, but rather it’s where your passions, interests, and lifestyle goals lay.

It’s about fitting your career into your life and NOT the other way around.


You’ll deep dive into the 5-Step Career Clarity Formula, the overall methodology and proven prerequisite for uncovering your ideal life and perfect career:

Step 1: Create Your Compelling Future Vision
Step 2: Update Your Operating System
Step 3: Build a Saboteur Management Toolbox
Step 4: Identify Your Zone of Genius
Step 5: Career Mapping


Nine+ 1:1 coaching sessions that supplement your Passion, Purpose, Paycheck self-study work to hone in on your self-knowledge, get decision-making tools and discover your workplace wants & desires.

You’ll walk away with complete clarity on the overarching career direction and lifestyle you want, with the beginning stages of your plan to get there unfolding.

The Creation

Research, Design and Build


With structure to your goals and a thorough understanding of what you truly want to do – you’ll now make it happen. You’ll elbow past any previous overwhelm and black-hole searches as you learn how to zero in on your front-running career possibilities.

You’ll identify roles and create opportunities with your new Career Blueprint Map – equipping yourself with the right steps to build this new career… many other “pros” teach this part wrong!

At this point, the only limits are your limiting beliefs (which you’ll get tons of help to break away from!) You’ll gain the proper headspace and tangible skills to research, design, and build the career you desire.


You’ll be equipped with every tool and skill set to strut into the Linkedin scene, and build a solid network of influential and connection-heavy people.

You’ll work closely with a personal branding expert to tackle your resume and cover letter in order to communicate your value to potential employers (while staying sensitive and professional towards any current employers).

You’ll also work on a personal level with a Linkedin Expert to update your profile and conduct research via the network you build, as you identify your next desired position.


Six 1:1 coaching sessions with Patrice 0 Resume & Linkedin Sessions with the experts that provide hand-holding and accountability as you work your way through the creation process.

While session outcomes are devoted to career clarity and direction, each coaching call has access to all elements of therapeutic emotional work and can address – personal development, homelife setbacks, anxiety release, changing unwanted habits, and anything else as it arises. This is a holistic approach.

Career moves are life-changing, and you’re 100% supported not only in making the right move, but in making sure all other aspects of your life are humming during the transition.

The Implementation

Job Search, Interview, Negotiate and Land


Learn the proprietary process of ruling jobs *in rather than the standard societal way of ruling jobs out.

Here, you’ll identify potential companies, positions, and training programs – ones that perfectly align with your standards. Like a dating matchmaker, we’ll be picky and precise that you’re putting yourself in front of ideal employers and dream opportunities.

With your new viewpoints on job satisfaction, work-life balance, and your updated definition around a career – you’ll find enjoyment in opportunities you hadn’t heard of, hadn’t thought were possible, had never realized you wanted, or had never even known existed before.
Here’s where you’ll carve out the YOU shaped spot in the market and find massive inspiration in what’s both possible and probable.


You’ll receive training dedicated to job search formulas and how to populate search tools that match your Career Blueprint Map.

Each assignment and expert training teaches you the timeless “musts” along with the latest techniques on how to ace the interview and command a call-back.

You’ll also receive personal training on how to confidently negotiate your salary and a benefits package that delights you…. Yes, you can!


Six 1:1 coaching sessions that meet you where you’re at with all your application, call-back, interview, and follow-up ebbs and flows.

Together, we’ll review your interview assets, practice mock interviews, and equip you with the confidence and know-how to land your dreamiest dream job and uplevel all parts of your life.

If I can make anything clear to you about this program… It’s that the high level of individual support is like NO-OTHER
As you and I walk through each phase together, Here’s the five-star support you can expect: